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MST3K: The Black Scorpion

The original trailer for The Black Scorpion boasts it was "produced on a scale never achieved before by any science-fiction picture." That is absolutely true, but not in a good way.

A massive volcanic eruption in Mexico spews quite a bit more than lava in this 1957 horror/sci-fi movie. Two American geologists work with the Mexican army to destroy the giant arachnids that emerge and wreak havoc, ultimately facing off in a bullring against the biggest and meanest one. Willis O'Brien, the visionary stopmotion pioneer, will hopefully be much, much, much better remembered for the original King Kong than this final effort. On the bright side, it's grist for a million laughs, thanks to Joel and the bots aboard the Satellite of Love.

Bonus Features

  • Stinger Of Death: Making The Black Scorpion
  • Theatrical Trailer

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