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MST3K: Volume XII

A Powerful Remedy For Your Boredom Problem.

What is MST3K XII?

MST3K XII is a collection of episodes of the cult comedy TV series and is recommended for use in the treatment of boredom. This set contains four discs of "misunderstood" cinema, robot puppets, tormented humans, and demented wisecracks.

Who should NOT watch MST3K XII?

Infants and people with underdeveloped senses of humor; anyone with an allergic reaction to twisted genius. If you are pregnant, congratulations.

What are the possible side effects of MST3K XII?

Sudden urges to share this collection with friends, family and total strangers; the overwhelming desire to acquire more MST3K on DVD; frequent urination.

Titles Include:

The Rebel Set

Secret Agent Super Dragon

The Starfighters

Parts: The Clonus Horror

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